HR Consultancy Services

  • Advising management on the administration of HR policies and procedures

  • Providing expert analysis on HR programs and recommending solutions

  • Developing, revising, and implementing HR policies and procedures
  • Ensuring HR programs and services are in compliance with established policies, procedures, labour laws and regulations
  • Preparing and maintaining reports related to specific HR projects
  • Assisting with the development and coordination of recommended changes regarding workflow
  • Developing methods for compiling and analyzing data for reports and special projects
  • Conducting audits of HR activities to ensure compliance
  • Presenting training sessions related to specific HR programs
  • Providing advice and recommendations to HR personnel for resolution of daily issues

Activities Include

  • HR Strategy
  • Benefits Management
  • Recruitment and Retention Strategy
  • Performance Management
  • Orientation/Onboarding Programs
  • Recognition Programs
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • HR Compliance Support
  • Compensation and Payroll solutions
  • Employment Policies
  • Employee Engagement Initiatives
  • Professional Development
  • Soft skills training
  • Training personnel in the field of HR
  • Employee Motivation

HR Solutions

Providing expert analysis on HR programs and recommending customized solutions. This includes developing, revising, and implementing HR policies and procedures by resolving HR to create values and deliver results.

HRM Administration & Coordination

HR to make personal efforts are made in order to how quickly can HR work be done without sacrificing quality and how well can ideas be turned into actions with visible results in terms of employee behaviour or benefits to the organization.

Employee Relations & Welfare

HR to maintain very healthy and harmonious relations with all employees through personal touch & care, mature handling and their continuous involvement in various developmental activities in the organization.

Personnel Administration / Time Office

Work to be carried out keeping in mind how well HR affects employee morale, commitment, competence and retention.

Contract Labour

Contract Labour works to be performed by way of adding value and affecting profitability, cost control and growth of the organization.

Canteen Services

Accomplishing the aim of providing healthy and hygienic “Ghar Jaisa Khana” to all employees.


Ensuring Compliance

Policies, Procedures, Regulations

Labour Laws compliance is the mandatory rules and regulations which the companies have to follow. These are a set of rules and conditions set for employment and are enforced by the State as well as the Central Government. Various labour laws are covered under Compliance.

Labour Laws are employment based and some are establishments based. They govern practices and procedures, employment and working conditions, obligations and rights of employer and workman and their day to day relations. They also provide guidelines for the employer-employee relationship and making it a significant part of this regulatory burden.

Compliance with labour laws must not be viewed as merely a task to satisfy legal obligations, it offers significant benefits in terms of improving trust between employers and their employees. This, in turn, leads to the creation of a healthy atmosphere in which work can be carried out which is beneficial for productivity and output.

The compliances are not just restricted to filing returns, but these records serve as evidence for the compliance of the laws and must be produced to the authorities in case of any discrepancies. In the event of non-compliance, an organisation will be subject to fines, penalties, lawsuit, loss of credibility, loss of contract, and maybe even closure of the business.

With my rich practical experience, command over legal, interpretational, managing and executable skills of law, I render a wide range of services like advisory, drafting, training etc. and whole-hearted support and cooperation in obeying the labour laws for the upliftment of workers’ interests and achievement of organisational goals.

My services also extend in conducting Labour Laws Audit and help an organisation to avoid rigorous penal actions and embrace good corporate governance.

Training And Development Programs

HRD Facilitation

The employee training programs will aim to improve the overall performance of an organization. A few of the key benefits of employee training programs shall include:

T & D
  • Creating a strong employer presence
  • Staying innovative and competitive
  • Increased productivity and adherence to quality standards
  • Improve employees satisfaction, performance and retention
  • Eliminating weaknesses in system
  • Addressing gaps within the organization