Office Politics


Nothing good is ever likely to come from involving oneself in office politics and gossips.

Most people in the workplace have an agenda in one shape or form. Whether they are aiming for a promotion, attempting to win a big project or trying to impress the boss, many actions have an underlying purpose.


Office politics is the use of often underhand methods to gain advantage at work. People do this to achieve their goals, gain prestige, or seek greater influence, so that they can persuade others to share their viewpoint, access assistance or resources, or get ahead in their careers.


One may think that it can lead to healthy, professional networking and communication, but it is far more likely to cause power struggles, competition and alliance-making that will upset a given number of colleagues.


It is only you that can stop this from happening and the best advice would be not to enter any situations that could affect your professional credibility.


This potentially entails and where you want your colleagues to recognise your ability to carry out your role, rather than being tainted by negative gossip, which won’t do you any favours.


Gossip spreads like wildfire and once you have been tagged as somebody who talks behind the backs of others, you can quickly and permanently lose the trust and respect of your co-workers.


It may even turn down for roles because of a negative image of the individual that had been passed from his previous employer.


It can be all too easy to get caught up in office gossips and politics but maintaining a level of distance and an air of professionalism is always advisable for ambitious professional who aspire to rising through the ranks.


If one has questions about the professional conduct, processes or productivity of a colleague, it is almost always better to raise concerns with them directly, or in a group during scheduled meetings, rather than speculating behind their backs. By making your informed opinions publicly known, you retain control of your position.


Maybe it is inevitable that “office politics” will always be a challenge in the workplace. But while you may not be able to control the behaviour of others in your team, those who avoid speculation and get straight to the point will gain a reputation of being trustworthy, reliable and sincere.


Although sometimes you may be caught up in office gossip, it is important to remain professional and try to avoid this as it may get you noticed for all the wrong reasons.


Further Thoughts:

One must not become an office furniture nor a total foolish person who exaggerates or lies. One must find a good balance for sake of saving your own reputation and keeping others in a healthy relationship. And being visible, which was the core of the article, will certainly help. Out of sight and out of mind rule is very common.


Gossip is not talking (solely, necessarily) unrelated issues. Social talking, social relationship would always be there so will be the bosses’ tantrums and his/her pet peeves. You have to navigate through all this. I don’t expect to sit on my chair- work 8 hours daily, and have the world go by. I must defend my reputation.


Never to become the gossip monger but always be prepared to defend own reputation.  If one is unlucky to work in a gossip laden workplace, then fight it or simply get out.