Stategic HR Solutions

Invest your time and effort in running your business. Leave your HRM worries to me.


S.K. Verma

Senior HR Professional with over 35 years of experience in the field of Human Resource Management and Administration.


What I Do


HR Consultancy Services

Advising management on the administration of HR policies and procedures


HR Solutions

Providing expert analysis on HR programs and recommending customized solutions. This includes developing, revising, and implementing HR policies and procedures.


Ensuring Compliance

Ensuring HR programs and services are in compliance with established policies, procedures, labour laws and regulations.


Training and Development Programs

HRD Facilitation for Corporate Employees

Developing employees’ skills through continuous training viz. Class room training, On the Job training, Need Based training for workmen and training programmes for Staff, Officers and Managers.

Training Modules For HR Job Aspirants

Practical training for both beginners and advanced professionals.


Why Choose Me

This Is Why

The more rapid the growth, the more challenging it becomes to control the operational performance of your organisation.  With the right HR Consultancy in place, an organisation can reduce risk and improve its bottom line performance – both essential ingredients to deliver stakeholder and customer value.

Take advice and obtain help

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We Should Work Together

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  • Preparing Your Organization For Future

    Building efficiencies in systems and processes combined to achieve an optimum balance between opportunities and capabilities.

  • Help Your People Learn & grow

    Don't forget your own training and development needs or those of your management colleagues and workforce. Put your best foot forward.

  • Maximize Your Profitability

    By increasing profits by workforce optimization initiatives.

    Increasing the strength of your organization’s people assets through sound hiring initiatives.

    Boosting productivity through employee engagement initiatives, improved onboarding, and managing turnover.